Explaining Fibromyalgia to Family & Friends

How do you explain Fibromyalgia to your family & friends? This short course offers advice for both you and your loved ones in communicating with one another as you deal with your Fibro journey.

Do you struggle to explain Fibromyalgia to your family and friends?

Are your family and friends dismissive of your condition?

Trying to find the right words to say how you feel and how your condition affects you? Not easy is it...

Getting others to understand what you are battling every day is incredibly difficult and frustrating for everybody.

This short course was put together with both you and your loved ones in mind. An opportunity for you to share some information with them on your condition, Fibromyalgia.

As you know this is a very complex condition and not easy to get answers, even from our medical professionals. So, I can only imagine how confusing and frustrating this must be for our family and friends who often have no concept of the difficulties those of us suffering with Fibromyalgia battle with on a daily basis.

 Help them to help you!

Allow me to be your voice. Allow me to speak for you and explain in the best way I know how to your loved ones and to share with them the proof that Fibromyalgia is real and your struggles justified.

Ideally, you will find the resources here useful and able to just pull on when you need. The video's and particularly the letters are extremely powerful testaments to your journey and it is my deepest wish that this information will go some way to facilitating the understanding, support and love from those closest to you.

What's included?

2 Videos
3 Texts
3 PDFs
Tracey Marinelli
Tracey Marinelli
Founder of Fibro Fantastic Wellness Coaching

About the instructor

Tracey is a qualified Health & Wellness Coach and freelance writer who has battled Fibromyalgia since 1989.

Determined to use her personal knowledge of this condition to support and empower others to make positive life choices, Tracey also has qualifications in Raw Food Nutrition, Meditation and is an Angelic Reiki practitioner.

Using her love of writing, she reaches out and shares her message through her personal website and is also a regular contributor to the wellness site Kale.Life

Tracey is married and has one adult son. Her faithful companion, Yeshi (her Lhasa Apso) can always be found at her feet when Tracey works.


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What others have been saying about this course:

Chris D

Very informative

Thank you very much for creating this course. It was very informative and I now have a much better understanding of what my daughter is going through day to day,